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This Issue: Connection!

Loved Ones,

I was visiting my hometown, Chicago. I had a visit from old friends, Sheila & Arnett Smiley and Sheila’s brother, Donald, (Donnie to me). However, this visit was unique; I was finally meeting Sheila’s son, GS Contributor, Marlon Hayes. While my oldest friends and close cousins joined into the milieu of memories and new-found joys shared, Marlon and I sat and swapped stories and revelations. We entered into a discussion of Garden Spices Magazine, and I queried, “What’s a good word for our next issue?” With only a hint of hesitation, my friend, Nedra Shelton, answered, “Connection.”

The irony is that GS explores the dynamic connection made through a gathering at Nedra’s house in The Warmth of Energy: Home with Nedra Shelton. Another connection to GS and me is the featured profile this issue: Blossom: Me and My Bro – Lifetime Connection. The image is my brother and Contributor, Bernie Basley.  There are so many nuances of this word, connection, from politics and social justice to beliefs and artistic expression.

In CONNECTION: Beyond Buzz, Megabytes and Algorithms, Guest Contributor, Deborah Gray-Young gives insight to the impact of social media.  Dr. Robert V. Gerard explores how our DNA affects connection in Connections:  Physical vs. Psychological. We catch a glimpse of the world of Gee’s Bend, through the eyes of Guest Contributor, Christie Britten.  I cannot wait for you to read the works of all of our Contributors.  We are all connected to you through the misison of Garden Spices.

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE

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