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This Issue: Boundaries!

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Painting Title: Fearless Medium: Acrylics, collage on canvas. Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm #amsterdam #london #beirut #saudiarabia #dubai #chilliartprojects


Loved Ones,

What are your Boundaries? Do they relate to your gender, race, relationships, business, creative work, mind, body, spirit, or all of the above? If we are to exercise self-care, we will find a way to invite boundaries into our lives. Whether or not we invite them, boundaries intrude into our existence.

Our feature image, by Sena Tues, dispels a societal norm for men. His series, Confined Love, grants men emotional freedom to smell the flowers, grieve, hope, and love. What would we do without art? In other contributions, Dr. Joyce Brown, Marlon S. Hayes, and Christine “Liz” Larue also reject the invasion of societal boundaries.

Jonathan David Cain, Dr. Robert V. Gerard, and Dr. Robert Yarbrough clarify the necessity of setting limits, and William Leroy Kennedy shares how he learned about boundaries through his life experiences. Sometimes, in America, we do not have a choice in setting boundaries, as explored by Mikel Elam.

This issue also includes the entrepreneurial spirit of Candace Hayes, who, as a Black woman, has experienced challenges. The inspirational words of Dr. Russell Clayton and the prosetry renderings of Frank Malaba also grace our pages. Last but not least, you know we have to eat. Janis Gipson and Carla Renae each serve their mouthwatering dishes to our delight. No boundaries here!


Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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