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The Power of Technology: Convenient Favorites

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I love the convenience of new technology. Here are a few of my new favorite things I recommend to our readers. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do…

Google Music – Google Music is a subscription music site that brings a world of music together in one, simple to operate place. For $9.99 per month you can build your own musical library from over 30 million tracks available, as well as listen to all the latest music releases the day they are released. Imagine never having to purchase music individually again…

Google music is available in web browser form, for desktop or laptop computers, as well as an app for IOS (Apple) and Android mobile devices.

Google Chromecast – Google Chromecast is a digital media player. In layman’s terms, this device will allow you to watch video content and listen to audio on your HD TV from your IOS (Apple) or Android device wirelessly. All for the whopping price of $35.

To say this is simple to operate is an understatement. Plug it into a HDMI port on your TV, enter your wireless password, give the TV location a name, and you are all set.

You can stream video content, as well as audio content directly to your TV. Stream content from your mobile device and say goodbye to high cable bills.

Pocket App – What do you do with all those little pieces of information you collect in a day? If you just ran across a restaurant recommendation, or a menu item to check out, a book title, a new product to try, where can you put all these things for easy reference?

Download the pocket app onto your mobile device and organize all your info into easy to find categories. Tap share button on your mobile screen, enable pocket, save it to a specific Pocket category.

Parking Apps – I never have change for the meter, and now I don’t need it with my mobile phone parking apps. I just open the app, enter my parking zone, my license plate number, choose the amount of time needed, charge the parking to my pre-registered credit card, and I’m done.

Better yet, I never have to go back to my car to put more money in the meter; I can add additional time right in the app.

Search your app store for the parking app applicable for your city or town.

Ted Talks – Expand your mind in the doctor’s waiting room, riding in the car, or commuting to the office. Download the TED app to your mobile device and listen to ideas worth sharing. There are over 1900, 20 minute TED Talks given by some of the greatest minds in the world on hundreds of subjects.

These talks are guaranteed to fascinate and stimulate your thought process.


– Janis Merrill-Gipson, Cuisine & Décor Editor

Janis is a self proclaimed domestic diva, living in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Janis is a chef, who loves to cook, an interior decorator, art collector, jazz fan, and an avid reader. She believes there are many layers and components that comprise living an enriched life. And Janis is here to share tips.


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