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The Non-Existent American Culture

The Non-Existent American Culture

Today, the digital news from most European presses about the USA and Americans gave me a sour taste. As an American citizen living in Europe, I can stay objective and better evaluate American society’s perceptions. Something is deadly wrong occurring amongst people in America. I sense that it could be the final deterioration of what I’ve coined: a non-existent American culture. 

Virtually every tribe, country, nation has a long-term grounded culture. Regardless of cultural bias within our history books, America is devoid of a long-existing culture. Throughout my worldly travels, I’ve witnessed that people sing together, eat from recipes handed down by great grandparents, and behave according to what the indigenous cultures have given them in each localized culture. On the other hand, there’s no unified culture for Americans, which is one reason it’s so divided: there’s nothing to hold it together except comfort, greed, sports, and entertainment.

The early European settlers sought religious freedom, and they betrayed and killed the native tribes to anchor their lust for freedom. So, right from the first “At bat” new continent moment, killing was acceptable. It was not religious or sharing; it was greed. The “Wild West” was a gun-slinging adventure: take what you can at a bullet’s cost. Hey, let’s bring in some slaves to help us make more money. These are not culturally driven; they are evil. 

I can go on and on, but my suggestions would be to consider a theme of what American Culture is or is not. Though, the only real culture I can muster relates to the design of the Constitution. Wasn’t this marvelous piece of literature an attempt by the “Powers to Be” to present an oracle, a grand political masterpiece for humankind’s betterment? But as you can see, it’s a bunch of idealistic words, which the recent Republican Party and its President have made shambles of it. 

The most apparent cultures that flourished in America have been the quest to be great, above all other Nations, and magnify the winning culture. Win at all costs—humans or otherwise—win to be on the top. To use what natural resources are available, no matter how harmful. Let the poor and unattainable populations wallow in their grief and shortsightedness. The American culture dictates that only the lucky survive. “No risk, no gain,” echoes through the capitalist indoctrinated entrepreneur. 

For me, the only real culture in America embarks under the laws of the fittest’s survival—whether legally or illegally. Money and egotistical relationships buy the path upwards. The American population has proven that it’s predictable, spoon-fed, and can be bought for a price. These are shameful characteristics of deteriorated empires and civilization throughout history. Yet, in America, that has unfortunately been enabled.

The authentic culture of America embraces diversity. Though young at heart, diversity touches upon a Spirit-driven ideal of unifying the people, protecting them, and providing the infrastructure for their creative pursuits. Initially, that supposedly embraced the real culture of America. 

America’s real culture serves to blend the impulse that each American has the right and opportunity to sustain his or her “Individualism” while not sustaining his or her “Uniqueness.” Americans are followers. Every person holds the God-given master design to declare their Earthly sojourn and pursue whatever path they choose. And with that, every person has the right to express their God-given talents and gifts. These two exclusive elements provide the foundation for a harmonious society’s existence: it’s a reciprocal relationship…

“You are given Uniqueness to help serve humanity, not control it.” 

Greed has interfered with Natural Laws and has perpetuated an American and a worldwide ecological crisis. If Americans truly wanted to demonstrate their culture, they would lead and join with other Nations to preserve Earth’s resources. But this has failed in recent times.

The final frontier for Americans boils down to “Egotistical vs. Altruism” structures and values. Americans have become self-serving in so many ways that would make Kings and Queens envious. The rich get richer and the poor, well, they get worse. The original premise to make America unique was to close the gap between those who have and those who do not. American culture attempted to be a world leader in humanity but failed that miserably in recent times under the political mess it has mustered.

Mother Earth dares not expend her resources only for Americans, or wealthy people have little time or respect for the Earth’s resourcefulness. Mother Earth needs to hear from the masses that she is loved, respected, and wanted. She has a heart, too. Mother Earth has a mind. She has feelings. She has a purpose. She demands her culture to sustain the balance among all of her inhabitants. If not, she’ll devise a way to rekindle a culture of her liking, which might not be what the masses could tolerate. Under the previous political bipartisan framework of America, the Earth resources were more respected, and that set an excellent example for other nations to willfully participate. Unfortunately, this has vaporized!

The new American Culture needs to transcend from the premise of taking to that of giving, as exemplified by the sacrifice and courage of our vets in the First and Second World Wars. Our servicemen and women were honored. Americans need no longer seek to deserve rewards instead of advocated well-being for all. For a brief moment in modern American history, a tragic event won people’s hearts and souls from around the world. Immediately after 9/11, with over three thousand deaths, that global behavior was honored. Unfortunately, under the current culture of individualism, the premise of “taking” has been personified beyond belief. The “Non-Existent American Culture” has finally shown its face. With over one-hundred and fifty thousand deaths from a pandemic, a significant portion of Americans do nothing to stimulate a unified culture, a culture of diversity generated by being benevolent. 

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Dr. Robert V. Gerard —

Rob Gerard

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

 Copyright© 2020 Robert V Gerard

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