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Sugar Pearl's: Bossa Nova while 'Shroomin' and Tr'allop Scallops and Pinot Green Sauce

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

"Always a plan for my BIG DREAMS! Keep rockin with me... you never know what's up my sleeve." - Carla Renea, Owner, Chef, SugarPear;s, LLC


Keep the red meat and chicken. Today, I'm having oyster mushrooms 🍄 for my favorite fried sandwich! Tip: Use beer 🍺 instead of water for the wet batter. - Carla Renea


Brown-Butter TR'ALLOP Pasta & Pinot Green Sauce! This is a must-make, meat-less alternative to Sea Scallops. Sooooo damn delicious! #trallop #scallops #mushroom


Carla Renea, Owner/Chef

SugarPearl’s, LLC | Charlotte, NC: |

Facebook LIVE: Carla Renea and SugarPearl’s | Instagram: sugarpearls_online | YouTube: SugarPearl’s

SugarPearl’s, LLC | Charlotte, NC

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