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Style: Essential Elements


Certainly a place for holiday shopping, Essential Elements wears its style all year long. Beyond the flavor of creativity and design, Essential Elements is infused with the spirit and energy of its owner,  Mel Whaley,  her mother, Estelle, (“the face of Essential Elements,) and the rest of the staff.

“We truly believe that all of our customers are phenomenal women with their own sense of style and we’re privileged to share time and space with them.” Mel Whaley


“The beautiful Miss Mel and Lady Estelle of Essential Elements! They keep us looking FIERCE!” Facebook post from Donna Hammond




Beautiful coat dress by Samuel Dong.


Funky Sun Kim vest and pant with wine colored tunic by Comfy.

Funky Sun Kim vest and pant with wine colored tunic by Comfy.



“Artisan jewelry is what we do.” Beautiful necklaces from Delight London, from London


Alembika ensemble. Plush, funky, and fabulous!

Alembika ensemble. Plush, funky, and fabulous!


Beyond the dynamic flow of fashion, Essential Elements opens its heart to support causes like Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness.  They create events at the store, and write informative and inspirational messages on Facebook, all to the delight of their many customers.  Mel and her staff turn every stone in customer satisfaction, which is why people flock to the many sales and community events hosted by Essential Elements.

“As customers, this is what we do…”


Customers line up for one of the many sales at Essential Elements

“…and this is what they do.”


Logo supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Logo supports Breast Cancer Awareness

1640 E. 87th Street

Chicago, IL  60617

Phone:  773.978.1200


-Victorine at an Essential Elements sale

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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