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Stretching Out My Hand (an excerpt from Spicy...a blog by Victorine

Updated: Mar 3

Sometimes you gjust gotta laugh, Victorine.


I have always loved that Bible story in Matthew 12:13 when Jesus tells the man with the withered hand to stretch out his hand for healing.  I believe being open and receptive to health and wholeness in mind is the key to conscious living. However, I also believe I must take action to see some results.

I browse Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram daily and love looking at Reels. It thrills me to see what everybody is up to. I love Takara’s jewelry and Mel’s Essential Elements, and Sheila Agnew is off the chain with her videos. Jan Gipson, Laurel Heverly Heiss, and Lenora Green share spiritual tidbits. 

Ya’ girl, here, publishes a magazine and a blog, plus makes jewelry. ’I thank the Creator daily for my blessings, but do you think I post and share my products the way I should?! Why nooo. I think folks will get tired of seeing my stuff. I tell you, this is gonna change. I’m fixin’ to stretch out my hand and show you what I’m working with. What?!!

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