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Wrapped in white – Kennedie Casey

It runs in the family!  Kennedie Casey was born and raised in Florence, AL.  Her environment was always creative.  She was influenced by her mother, Von Etta.  As a child, Casey was always interested in what her mother wore and when Casey was age 7, her mother dyed a pair of her jeans and painted butterflies on them.  At age 13 Casey told her mother she wished to be a fashion designer.  Immediately her mom bought a sketchpad and pencils. It all started from there.

By age 16, Casey had an idea to design a formal gown.  “I cut clippings from magazines to make a mood board,” Casey indicated. “I didn’t make a dress until I was 21.”  It seems her mother bought a sewing machine and made one dress with it.  Casey used that same sewing machine to make a dress for herself when she was 21.  While she has taken a few classes at Northwest Shoals Community College, Case is currently taking Accounting at Lawson State online.

While Casey does repurpose fabric for some designs, most of the time she buys fresh fabric.  She loves gowns but has designed and sold a variety of designs to a growing clientele. Her clothing has Black women in mind.  “I love to highlight myself and the people that look like me.”


Burnt Orange Gown – KennedieKerenn


I used extra fabric from a dress to make this simple wrap top. – Kennedie Casey


This ensemble was made from a Walmart throw for $25! KennedieKerenn

Black is beautiful


At age 25, Casey is a young designer that looks forward to improving her skills and having more exposure.  She is currently working on showcasing a new line, and she just opened an Etsy shop. She will be showcasing new work this fall and wants everyone to stay tuned.  Casey has been in business for 3 years and her Instagram presence is @KennedieKerenn.  She is also on Facebook.

Kennedie Casey

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