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Serving Care: Entrepreneur, Candice Hayes

I met Candice Hayes at least 15 years ago when she was giving home spa treatments. She was enthusiastic and on point; I knew she had business acumen. Entrepreneurship came earnestly to Hayes; beyond his job, her late father owned a janitorial and painting business. Hayes recalls,” At age 8, I was selling lemonade and other drinks, and he started to teach me about making a profit.” Today, Hayes is the Founder and CEO of Candy’s Corporate Cleaning and Candy’s Candles, serving the Huntsville, Madison, AL, area. While profit-making is important, what also drives Hayes is her intention to do good in the community:

Candice is active in her community church … She is also the founder of Cherished, an organization for teen girls between the ages of 12-18 years of age. This organization holds group sessions, seminars, and workshops that focus on teaching, developing, empowering, and building strong character and leadership skills.

In early 2018 she was nominated and named Contender for Huntsville Chamber of Commerce in the following two categories; “Service Business of the Year” and “Russell Brown Leadership Award.”-

Candace Hayes

Most recently, a new author of ”We Cleaned Our Home Yesterday,” Candice has been married for over 24 years. She and her husband share three adult children and one grandchild. Candice is very active in her community, where she is an ambassador for the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce.” Candy’s Corporate Cleaning

Hayes indicated that her candle-making was a welcome fusion with her cleaning business. “I wanted to offer something special to my corporate clients.” The fragrances were so warm and inviting that her friends and clients encouraged her to make more. Her candles are hand-poured and organic:

“We provide Eco-friendly candles for our customers who are concerned about toxins. Our candles would be ideal for students who are housed in college dormitories, apartment buildings, office buildings, and hotels.

​Our candles contain ingredients of soy wax, lead-free, cotton wicks, and quality fragrances that are phthalate-free. This means our candles are 100% soy-based, nontoxic, and dye-free.” Candy’s Candles

Rx – rest with Candy’s Candles

While Hayes currently does corporate and community workshops, she would like to expand this concept.”Candle-making is fun,” says Hayes. “I’d like to see workshops throughout this area.” She wants to increase her social media presence and hopes to see her products in more upscale boutiques and expand her apparel line. When asked about “boundaries, ” she replied, “I learned to say No – no calls after 9 PM, and I do not work on Sundays .” Hayes is an advocate for self-care and rest. Her janitorial work and aromatherapy assist that process.


Candy’s Candles

Thank you boxes with candles

Candy’s Candles were part of the Super Bowl gift bag for wives.


Candice Hayes

Candace Hayes is the founder and CEO of Candy’s Corporate Cleaning and Candy’s Candles. Most recently, a new author of ”We Cleaned Our Home Yesterday,” Candice, is very active in her community, where she is an ambassador for the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce. Candy’s Corporate Cleaning is fully staffed and provides services to corporate clients.

Candys Candles, (938)-766-1226103, Spernyn Dr, Madison,Al 35758

Candy’s Corporate Cleaning , Phone: 24/7 – 256 712-2066, Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm Partnering with her son’s company, Rocket City Movers

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