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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Dark Matter

Dark Energy, Dark Matter, have you heard, do you know? What is this stuff? Just to be clear no one knows what this stuff is? Scientists have known it exists for quite a few years, but it has only recently come to the attention of us, the general public, who are interested in intriguing ideas. I first learned about it from an astrophysicist friend who was giving a talk to a diverse group of scientists and laypeople in a casual home setting.

No one understands this energy, that's why it is so interesting to so many. From the perspective of science, the unknown is the attraction. From my personal perspective, it is the intriguing possibilities it suggests.

What is known? Dark energy/matter (DEM) is 95.5% of the universe. Just joking, right? Nope, all that we think exists, all that we see, all that is known to exist across every spectrum, is 4.5% of the universe. Look at your hand. You are only aware, with all your senses and any medical or scientific instrument you can make use of, only 4.5%. Glance around. Again, all that is in your awareness, and maybe your experience is 4.5%. All dramatic photos returned to Earth by astronomical telescopes, yep, less than 5%. All the "vacuum of space," is the same, less than 5%. Are you getting the scope of this?

My scientist friend explained DEM is everywhere and at all times present. You cannot see it in your hand, but it is there. My friend, aware of my spiritual path, explained all this in greater detail. When he would return to "everywhere and at all times present," I would receive a little smile. That rather knowing smile stirred my imagination.

Mmmm? Imagination, what is it? It is thought, idea; it is creative thought, creative idea. Where does thought arise? In consciousness. What is consciousness? Interestingly no one really knows. We know what it means for a living being to be conscious, aware, and have thoughts and ideas, but we have no understanding of how or where those thoughts and ideas arise. Mmmm! We are aware many innovative ideas bubble up in people, widely separated by geography and culture. How does this happen? What medium allows unique creative ideas to arise in this expansive manner?

The co-founder of Unity, my faith tradition, defined the underlying fabric of the universe as "substance--The divine idea of the underlying reality of all things. Substance is everywhere present, pervades all things, and inspires to action. It underlies all manifestation and is the spiritual essence, the living energy out of which everything is made. Through substance, all the attributes of Being are expressed. It sustains and enriches any idea that is projected into it." This definition triggers me as I contemplate dark energy, dark matter.

I have personal experience that my thoughts and words are formative in many ways, including physical manifestation. How does that happen? Does this experience arise from DEM? I first learned about this creative process many years ago. It sounded good, but was it real? I then began paying attention to results of my thoughts and words. Over time I became deliberate in the creative process. How does this happen? Is it possible that DEM and substance are the same? Just a thought.

A Rabbi friend said, "Stay with the question. Don't look for answers. Answers stop the process of discovery." So, please, stay with your questions.


Carol Landry

Carol officially retired in November 2018, after many years of ministry at Unity Church on the Mountain in Huntsville, AL. Prior to ministry, Carol provided Career Counseling workshops for the military and a variety of downsizing businesses. She sold 95% of her worldly goods to continue her love of travel. Carol joined her daughter and son-in-law living the full-time RV life on the road. In 18 months she has traveled from coast to coast and back to Alabama. The process will continue as she follows where ever the road leads. She has traveled to Canada, Europe, and Turkey and lived in many towns in a variety of states. Her writing now includes a new foray into poetry.

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