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Our Ears are Wide Open! We Need Your Voice!

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Not necessarily in order but, my good health, my creativity, my sons, my grandsons, my garden, my peace… oh you did ask for one gift, but due to the goodness of the Most High, that’s impossible. What do I give/receive? I give love to the recipients of my jewelry. Every piece sold is blessed with love before it’s packaged and passed to the purchaser. I receive all the goodness the Most High intends for me.


People giving me their time .

Breathing and family


My most precious moments are usually the intimate times I spend with friends where we share from our true heart.


The love that others extend to me is a gift that I will never take for granted or misuse.


I cherish the fact that I wake in the morning and God gives me another chance to do something else! I give my heart and my last dime when someone needs it.


I value hand made gifts, and I like to make gifts for others, usually something I sew or quilt.


My gift: Indigo Textiles Give/Receive: Teaching Practice exposing beautiful design techniques to students incorporating wearables, home decor and tapestries!


I cherish most the gift of Kindness. When someone is kind, it warms my heart and I feel special that I have that time to experience all the emotions of that interaction with another person. I give money, cards, time, food, flowers, hugs, smiles, clothes, shoes, love and prayer. I receive peace, solace, comfort, joy and love in return.


I cherish most my gift of life and gaining understanding of it I try to give others grace and mercy, and I am grateful for the grace and


Laura Senecal

I love gifts that are handmade. Love and thoughtfulness went into that gift! I love to give food and homemade treats. - Laura Senecal


Vicki Goldston, Founder, Editor in Chief, GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE

We thank you so much for your contributions. As you browse this issue, you will meet our community of creators. We'll be opening our gate to a New Year!, and "Expectations" is the topic for our January 4th issue. Does it serve you to have expectations for anyone or anything other than yourself? Does anything exceed your expectations? Digest the word, and let the new year commence...with us!

Are you a poet, writer, designer, artist? We welcome you to become a part of our family. Contact us, and join our creative community. Gate open!


Garden Spices has a host of generous contributors that share their talents. Since 2014 Camp Goldston has been lovingly publishing this magazine free of charge and without the interruption of ads. We have maintained the integrity of our mission and hope to keep from compromising the beauty of this “garden.”However, now we need your help.

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