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My Light

Beverly Hill

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it Shine. Let it Shine. Let it Shine. Let it Shine”.

We sang that song just about every Sunday morning at church. As a child, I always saw myself holding up a light bulb in my hand, waving furiously for all to see - “Everywhere I go…”

Now I know the light that shines is within, and it’s up to me to keep it shining - “Everywhere I go.”


It’s a gleam in my eyes when I make contact with another human being.

It’s a broad smile on my face that says I’m happy in your presence.

It’s a warm feeling I share with another in the form of a hug. It’s the two-sided cheek pecks (Mua-Mua) I share as a love greeting.

It’s kind words passed on to others. It’s positive thoughts in my head.

To me, these are all ways of letting my light Shine. Now, when I add all the forms of light I can share with the world, it’s not so little.

As the Most High said, “I am the Light…”


Beverly Hill

I am the owner/designer of Queen B by Beverly Hill.

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