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My Initiation In Life

It has been so exciting, the commencement, the start. New things are coming into existence, things I know being interpreted in a new and different way, the beginning of life forward, very good in its experiential origin, and being able to only get better from there. I knew it could happen, I knew that it would. I worked hard so it could show forth. And now it is here, the beginning of all things new.

It was a journey, a growing experience. Taking off the old and putting on the new. Allowing all of the pain, doubt, hot spots, regrets and remorse to just pass away as it says in The Revelation 21st Chapter 4th and 5th verse. For they are the former things that our life now has no room for anymore. This is the beginning, the appropriate time for things to begin. New and different things built on the foundation that we have worked so diligently to establish. It is done, it is now, for we have overcome ourselves.

And the practical thing is that it has been proven. I was informed that we, my best friend and I, had a formal event to attend. I love to dress up. I look good in a tux and she looks good on my arm, I digress. Anyway, from the inception, the moment I was informed of our going to attend the event, to its culmination, everything was perfect. No, not just saying it to feel good or have an experience above someone else’s.  No, but I was living through and experiencing the perfection for myself. Seeing it, experiencing it, living it.  Wow, what a difference. It was something for me, made a heck of an impression. And for those who know I push the envelope, I attempted to project that perfection forward into what some call the future. It was nothing there. So, I then looked over my shoulder to see if perfection existed in the past. There was nothing there. But, after all the work I have done with myself, I am not as slow as I once was. So I realized right then that the perfection was in the moment. Oh Snap!

Knowing the perfection for myself, I now had a sneaky suspicion that all is perfect in God. I may not be willing to acknowledge it at all times, but still it is the Truth. Moving through my life experience now with this premise, you know what happened… yes, some Hard Core Proof. It didn’t take long. Something God had for me to know and to know now. I know right? My life in God!

I call it The Day. Not a day that changed my life, perspective or anything like that. But The Day that proved it all. My sneaky suspicion was no more. It had up leveled myself to the Cold Hard Truth that ALL MATTERS!!! Everything that had been planned by myself and all others involved in that day, blew up in our faces. Frustration reigned on all accounts. So much so that I opened my mouth and, well, I was forgiven.  So I’ll keep that part to myself. The thing is as all plans unraveled; I made a concerted effort to stay present throughout. I cruised and just rolled with it, with the exception of that moment when my mouth moved. Residual stuff yes, but I saw something awesome at the end of the day. That which I saw was the perfection of God throughout The Day where things were totally and completely out of my hands. Hear me, when things were out of my hands, I consciously and presently recognized the perfection of God. It was the strongest, the most prominent, the clearest, no room left for doubt of any kind that I have ever experienced in life. What a beginning this is.

All this to say, the Truth that we know and we practice is True. We may not always be willing to accept it as so, and that is OK. But The Day will come when all Truths prove and just like in the fairy tales, we will then live, Happily Ever After. Peace and Blessings.


– Rev. Bobby

The Reverend Doctor Robert I. Yarbrough is an independent New Thought Minister, trained and steeped in Fillmorian Theology.  He is a writer, author, lecturer, workshop / seminar facilitator and former television host, of “Eating From The Tree Of Life” in Chicago. His extraordinary Bible skills led him in his two year series on the book of The Revelation, where Rev. Bobby shared the secrets recorded in the most loving book in the Bible with others.  His unique presentation style places audiences at ease which is always conducive for them to come away with some spiritual meat that they can immediately apply to their lives. In his newest book, 28 Days A Journey Within, Rev. Bobby establishes the bridge necessary for those ready to breakthrough and move all of their desires into manifest reality.  Reverend Bobby is also a board member of the X-Tend-A-Hand Ministry in Chicago. He handles all pastoral care duties and functions as the non-profit expert as he incorporated the ministry and developed the 501 (c) (3) package. Rev. Bobby also fields, initiates and handles all communication between X-Tend-A-Hand and the government agencies that have oversight responsibilities for non profit organizations

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