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Meditation As Divine Intention

While sitting in a reclining position by the pool, after emerging from a challenging work week, I feel the warmth of the sun embracing my body.

I choose to relax, bask in its glow, engage it as a point of reference for meditation. Staring at the sun, I squint my eyes. Its brilliance is too much to bear. So, I wink, close my eyes, and allow us to commune from our inner spirit.

Within moments I feel the heat and brilliance of its light recess. As my eyes open, I find it is hidden behind a cloud, a passing cloud though small, big enough to cover it. I begin to wonder: “Do you want my attention?”

My inner spirit speaks: OOThat’s how life is. OOI am the sun OOI always shine. OOLife presents circumstances OOthat overshadow and OOlike the clouds are vaporous, OOillusionary, transcending, and OOtemporal in their essence.

My inner voice encourages me to let go of the anxiety clamoring in my head, center myself in my heart, be still, and allow the cloud to pass. Otherwise, if I choose to engage the situation, I will only prolong the illusion, like trying to hold onto a cloud or stalking a cloud. That would be silly and all in my head. So, I let go of the circumstance, and simply choose to learn from the experience.

For a moment the cloud occupied a space in opposition to the sun. The experience dimmed its light, briefly. The sun did not have an issue with that. The sun did what it is purposed to do, OOkeeps shining. The cloud did what it is purpose to do OOkeeps moving. Such is the rhythm of life.


-Gloria Lawson Sylvester

“I am my ancestors and a Sacred African Woman Elder appreciating my value and service to the global community. The expression of my worth comes through the arts of poetry, visual art, music, and professional speaking.”

Profile: An author, poet, professional speaker, workshop presenter, and appointed Poet Laureate of the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel in 2000, Gloria published her first book of poetry, Prelude A Demonstration of Life (2000) and College Planning and Funding Handbook (1994), acted as Poet-in-Residence in private and public schools (including special education students) teaching character development principles through her personal project, Self-Empowerment Through Poetry. Gloria will be publishing two books of poetry in 2018, including one for children.

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