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Making Use of Choice

Choice, what an amazing concept and what an amazing adventure it was checking on-line dictionaries for the definition. I surely had no idea there was so much choice in how to make use of this powerful word.

Here are a few of the definitions, however I used my power of choice not to use some definitions in the “Urban Dictionary.” Take a look at that dictionary it is very interesting. Some uses of the word “choice” you will recognize and others you may say, “That’s disgusting.” However it definitely uses the power of choice to discover and make use of the definitions.



  1. (especially of food) of very good quality “he picked some choice early plums.” A grade of meat between prime and good

  2. (of words, phrases, or language) rude and abusive “he had a few choice words at his command”

  3. an alternative action or possibility. “I always choose to do what I think is best, therefore I don’t really have a choice at all.”


  1. the act of choosing: the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities

  2.  the opportunity or power to choose between two or more possibilities: the opportunity or power to make a decision

  3.  a range of things that can be chosen

  4. 4. the best part: cream

  5. a person or thing chosen <she was their first choice>

  6. a number and variety to choose among <a plan with a wide choice of options>

  7. care in selecting

All of these definitions are using the “power of choice.” The underlying power of choice is the power of personal responsibility.

Here is a lesson I learned while playing solitaire.  Over the years it has become obvious that details are not my strong point.  Also, I play solitaire quite a lot when I am on the computer waiting for something to boot up. When it comes to the place in the game where another move does not seem possible there is a game option “show an available move.” This option is always available, however I quite often forget it is there. Many times when the way to move forward in the game seems impossible and I do choose to use this option, there is frequently something unnoticed that allows me to make a move and complete the game. To use or not to use is a choice.  So often we could make choices to ask for help of one kind or another and we either forget, and interesting internal choice, or choose not to seek other sources.

Thanksgiving arrived in the middle of writing this with its focus on thanks, on gratitude. Do we realize being thankful is a choice? How does your day unfold when your not–quite- awake-self murmurs, “Thank you for this new day?” When it is raining it is good to remember drought and choose to be thankful for changeable weather. Choosing to give thanks often is a great mood shifter and lifter, much better than any medication.

Oh, the amazing power of choice; the choice to be loving when those around you seem unlovable, the choice to be pleased with what you have rather than discontent with what you don’t have. We often make the choice to be angry, unhappy, upset and forget it is our choice. Remember always we can choose and choose and choose again. The choice is ours.


– Carol Landry

Rev. Carol Landry is Minister of Unity Church on the Mountain and a community activist that touches the universe. As Program Manager for Interfaith Mission Service in Huntsville, AL she develops and leads programs bringing people of diverse religious backgrounds to work together in the community. She is interested in Human Rights, Civil Rights, Social Action, Art and Culture.

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