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Kerrigan Casey: Artist/Activist


“I have been practicing realism since I get commissioned a lot for portraits. I’m doing a new infest in painting murals (which is so much work). Just basically working to produce content that inspires me and others. “- Kerrigan


Standing on the podium painted by Kerrigan for Juneteenth event for Project Sat Something

“A lot of people aren’t into taking action in their life. Like okay, YES, they’re doing things and moving through time. But in that, there’s no purpose or any conviction in their actions. They aren’t moving because they made a choice not to, and simply to react to their environment.

Some people literally go through life not making one choice. They go through life settling and doing unsatisfying things like going to schools people picked for them or buying things to impress people they don’t really care for.

…and it’s cool somehow we are granted that luxury. We can choose to float through life like plastic bags in the wind. But why not challenge ourselves to be fearlessly intentional? To seek a return on our investments? Why not seek the courage to move and strengthen ourselves to leave things with no purpose in the past?

Forgive yourself for operating at a lower frequency and challenge yourself to elevate beyond the blockage. That’s where the blessing is at.”-Kerrigan Casey



Kerrigan Casey

For questions about commissions/pricing please email (

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