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Jozzmos: From Trusting the Process to Knowing the Process


When I was growing up, I believe I was shaped by many influences to the tune of plan, plan, plan, and set-up each and every day as to how I want it to go, and life would be great! (In the kitchen profession, it’s definitely a must, especially with following baking recipes). This way has been, halfway successful, as it tends to work. Though it may add to the obsessive/compulsive ways of completing tasks, (which isn’t always a bad thing), it can be absolutely nerve-wrecking at times, when things don’t exactly go as said plan.

So on it went, trying to develop routines and little rituals to make life feel all safe and cozy. This method worked well. However, if there was a problem, it took too much energy to redirect and try to force my “way” on the situation, which only led me to more struggle and hardship and caused me to be the “crazy emotional guy” at work. Co-workers would give warnings about me.

Enter in the next philosophy that I am learning. My youth started as praying to God, having faith in “his” plan, and to “lean not upon my own understanding.” This was, and still is much more of a challenge. Nowadays it’s “trust in the universe” or whatever unseen force, to guide my path. Really, for me, I call it my subconscious or my observer’s intuitive guidance, which does much better than the old religious god guy. It has more to do with my own personal process, rather than worrying about others and whatever their processes may be. For example, in writing my articles, the words just flow out, with ease, simply trusting in my process that it will hopefully make sense to all my many readers! After a paragraph or two, my conscious mind will read over it for small details, but the main ideas will stay. As I write, I’m trusting in the guys from Window World to install our new windows with ease, success, and quality craftsmanship. (So far, I recommend this company highly!)


Jozzy spinning fire

Now, one would think, if I’ve figured out how to do this in one or more tasks, I could learn the how to do it with everything. This is where my own conscious thought becomes a problem. You know, those big life decisions, the split paths, which to travel down, jobs, retirement, etc. I know many who simply trust the process, having a faith in something powerful, maybe even more than a simple faith- a KNOWING. Knowing that no matter what, all will be well in everything in life. I find that fascinating that these individuals have mastered the mind to the point of their own knowing. It’s truly from strong discipline and practice. To me, true KNOWING goes beyond belief and faith, it goes beyond the mind and conscious thought. Maybe even beyond intuitive feeling, which is where many land, yet have trouble leading others there. I’m also well aware that intuition and “feeling” can be equally deceptive! No rest for the heathen!  I’ll say this, feel free to comment and share what works for you, to get to your true KNOWING. Who knows, it may be of help to someone, or even yourself.

I think at this point in life, I’m in the balanced region of doing both. I like to believe that I am the one who has control over my path in life. Yet I don’t want to ignore the ease and flow of destiny or fate. I know that so far in my world, nothing, either way is the absolute and only way. I know I’m finding much more peace in my life lately, so I want it to continue. Of course, my conscious mind is trying to develop a routine method of what’s been working, to continue the nice comfy positive feelings and attitudes. At the same time I am using a little voice of fear to worry about the what-ifs and unknowns of the future; at the same time all parts of me know for sure that worrying about the future in this way is utterly pointless; that takes me out of present awareness and flow, which then leads to all the problems and fears! I’m truly laughing about the paradoxes of my process!

Well, so ends my flow of words on this topic. Happy KNOWING!!!

Jozzy Allman, Columnist

Jozzy is an advocate for health and wellness, of body, mind, and emotions. He shares “what works for (him).” Jozzy also spins fire and cooks creative cuisine.

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