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It Is Time

“We know that change can be chaotic, but the natural law of evolution and expansion are at work now and I am participating in it” ~ Anonymous

Comfort has held so much power in our lives over the years because of how it makes us feel. It is like being in bed long after waking up, but that warmth has refused to let you go. Maybe it is the duvet or the size of the bed. Finally, we manage to get up and go on to our usual life routine. This cycle repeats itself repeatedly, and eventually, it is something we can’t let go.

We are at the moment living in unprecedented times, which are becoming complex each day and hard to predict. The Covid-19 pandemic has already had a great impact on our lives, and we are left wondering what hit us. At times it feels like we are in a movie wondering when it will end. One thing for sure, the pandemic has exposed the underbelly of several issues ⁠— healthcare infrastructure, race division, the economic state, (both local & global) human rights issues, among others. All these are huge concerns for humankind with no easy solutions or options ahead.

At a personal level, we feel the effect on the world, and at times it is like we are carrying the universal load on our shoulders. This feeling can be quite frustrating, and once in a while, we feel agitated because of how things are panning out and the duration it takes. Our quick-fix approach for issues seems not to work anymore, our individuality now seems threatened, and the focus has shifted to survival. We are wondering, will we survive? The focus is far less on how to thrive.

I do sense we are in a time of a different type of evolution, and its happening right in front of our eyes, and we might miss this opportunity to co-create what we envision for this world. There is the opportune time to let go of our comfort and long-held habits and beliefs that have gotten us here. These habits were our friends, and just like our beds or duvets, we have created an illusion of a comfortable life. That is why we are wondering where this pandemic comes from and why now. 

It offers us the opportunity to re-examine how we have been running our life affairs and slowly make a shift to a new world. We need to remember that we create our worlds each day through our beliefs, actions, and how we show up in life. We need to ask ourselves, how have these actions affected our individuality, community, and, eventually, the world? It is the time to let go of those things or perspectives that were comfortable but no longer serves us again and will not serve as we go through this evolution. We need to take time and assess what we have held so dearly in our lives and lovingly allow it to go. Just like once in a while, we need to declutter our minds or houses; it is the time to let go and release what no longer serves us. It has served its purpose and has been comfy, making some of our days warm.  

What are you planning to let go that has given you comfort all these years?

It is time to let go.

⁠— Bikundo Onyari

Bikundo Onyari is a free spirit being who expresses his passion through teaching, coaching, facilitation, mentoring, and creative writing based on his journey and experiences. He is based in Nairobi, Kenya and you can reach him on twitter @alifepreneur and/or on LinkedIn.

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