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Inspiration: Sherri’s Story

Sherri Graves Smith

Sherri Graves Smith

Colorectal Cancer Survivor and philanthropist, Sherri Graves Smith is the author of the series of children’s books, Game Day Rules.

Prior to becoming an author of children’s books, Sherri Graves Smith joined The Coca-Cola Company’s Legal Division as an attorney in November 2000. After taking an overseas assignment as Assistant Division Counsel for Coca-Cola Ltd. in Toronto, Canada, Sherri was being considered for a three-year position in Vienna, Austria. Her career came to an abrupt halt after a routine visit to the doctor revealed that Sherri had cancer. In November 2007, at the age of 36, Sherri was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and immediately began an aggressive course of treatments that included chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Presently, Sherri is continuing in her battle against cancer which has been diagnosed as a chronic condition, which means she will be on chemotherapy the rest of her life. On her current regimen, she infuses every Monday and takes chemotherapy pills twice daily four days a week. Getting better is a full-time job, but Sherri reaches out to help others.

Prior to her illness, Sherri volunteered at homeless shelters and schools tutoring children to read. Check complete Bio: Sherri Graves Smith

One of the many Titles written by Sherri

One of the many Titles written by Sherri

Game Day Rules is a series of children’s books in which various school mascots teach good sportsmanship, healthy rivalry, and manners during the course of a game day. Each book is written in rhyme, fully illustrated and licensed. Game Day Rules is part of a manners series which is the creation of author Sherri Graves Smith.


To educate, empower, and impart healthy fan behaviors, safety and etiquette to children without being heavy handed or overbearing.

Film by: Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation, Inc.

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