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In the Studio with Artist, Anna Arnold


June 13, 2017 –

Working intuitively…is this a series? Pinning things together. The most interesting things are the antique, hand embroidered “caps”. Working like I used to listening to a movie or a recorded book or performance.

Tonight, it’s the “Hidden Figures” DVD that I just purchased. Slowly remembering how I used to work…several pieces at once…a lot of blue this time…temporarily pinning, moving them in around in different spots, looking…living with them in their various evolving states…revising…each piece a journey…an adventure…wanting to tell its own story…right now, not looking at photos or real life references or worrying about what’s artistically correct although I’m surrounded by it in my studio….or is it?

It’s so hot and the air is so heavy and nobody knows I’m already secretly wishing for fall.

A work in progress direction…

June 17, 2017-

Wow, I had no idea that this piece was going to go in this direction. Still don’t know what it’s about. Not so hot this morning or maybe I’m a little more tolerant to the heat. Been working on this piece for a couple of hours after the opening reception of the “Ursuline College Art Alumnae Exhibition” at Wasmer Gallery last night.

I’m usually so exhausted after an opening that I can’t think or I can barely walk. I’m still up painting! I had this great and inspiring conversation about making art with Beth Bryan and Patsy Kline during the opening about the mystery of creativity…the ebb and flow…


Anna Arnold, painter and educator, lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the Gallery Director of the Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Gallery at Ursuline College. Anna has been one of America’s most expressive, exciting, enduring artists and independent educators for nearly three decades.  As a teacher, she believes she is a catalyst to inspire, uplift and change. She has helped to educate hundreds of school children as an artist. Anna is recognized for her lush, exuberantly colorful expressive portraits, murals, ceramics, masks, beads and painted furniture. Contact information:

Featured image:  “Saint in the City”

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