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In the Beginning…

In the beginning, back when I epitomized what loneliness meant, Meeting you seemed preordained, as if you were heaven sent. Out of my personal darkness, something in you brought light. And I truly believed there would be happiness every day and night.

In the beginning, it seemed as if we would always be a team. Love interspersed with laughter, walking as if in a daydream. But when we let the world in, not realizing they didn’t have our back, Is when I began to doubt you, and your pedestal formed a crack.

The debris of our crumbled relationship has let the darkness reenter. And I’m rudderless again, defeated without you as my life’s center. I long for the days when we were dreaming of eternally winning. Sadly, I realize we can never return, to how we were in the beginning. msh


Two Fingers

In the beginning, I think we both had visions and hopes of the same things. Two car garages, white picket fences, holding hands forever on porch swings. But somehow, our paths diverged, our dreams became singular, not shared. And we became strangers, almost overnight, and neither one of us cared. No longer discussing future goals and hopes, but divorce and exit plans. Too selfish to sacrifice our own desires, unwilling to give in to demands. After the division of property, papers signed, vestiges of what was still lingers. Yet, we’re on a new quest, but I bid you love, health, and peace, or rather, two fingers. msh

© 2016 Marlon Hayes, All rights reserved


-Marlon S. Hayes

Marlon S. Hayes is a writer, poet, and author from Chicago, Illinois. He’s the author of View from the Sidelines, a poetry collection,Touching Myself, an erotic anthology, and his latest, Perceptions of Beauty. He’s a featured author in the upcoming anthology, A Journey of Words from Scoutmedia. Currently, he’s looking for a publisher for his novel, Eleven Fifty Nine. Follow him at Marlon’s Writings on Facebook.

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