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Heal thy-self

My experience with life is that often answers show up in twos, twos implies choice, and invites us to choose. The culprit in life is lack of sufficient education, we are simply taught what to do and what to think and how to live and placed on a track that often leads to victimization and fulfilling someone else’s desire and not our own.

Hormonal imbalance

What is health

What is the secret to health

What causes health to go awry

What are the remedies

The secret to health or healthy living is to heal-thy self. What comes to mind is that each of us is responsible for our individual personal health and what could be more important than to do your own research to heal-thy self.

As I have gone to various medical clinics, college medical facilities, the thought occurred to me, why are so many people sick. Once while in Walmart standing at the pharmacy in a long line, a man sat his brown grocery bag on the counter and began a nearly 2-minute journey of removing prescription bottles from the bag to be refilled. I can’t help but wonder what is going on with us that causes so many people to need medical care and for one person to be dependent upon a number of medications in order to function properly.

It occurs to me that anyone of us finding ourselves in this position should consider that we are our physician within. In addition to the customary ways we address chronic health issues, the following poem offers an additional perspective toward healing and invites us to flip the script on the way we view emotional/psychological issues. Rather than acting through an abused behavior of victimization which can affect the chemical functioning of our brains, such as causing anxiety attacks, depression, and other psychological concerns, to instead walk the path of being our personal healer, a physician within, by giving the medicine that we needed at the time of the abuse to someone else in the form of attributes.

Untitled Poem

Be the person who breaks the cycle.

If you were judged, choose understanding.

If you were rejected, choose acceptance.

If you were shamed, choose compassion.

Be the person you needed when you were hurting,

Not the person who hurt you.

Vow to be better than what broke you

To heal instead of becoming bitter so you can act

From your heart and not your pain.

Author Unknown

In the Biblical scripture found in Luke 4:23 Jesus is quoted as saying a proverb, “Physician, heal thyself …” Our invitation.


-Gloria Lawson Sylvester

“I am my ancestors and a Sacred African Woman Elder appreciating my value and service to the global community. The expression of my worth comes through the arts of poetry, visual art, music, and professional speaking.”

Profile: An author, poet, professional speaker, workshop presenter, and appointed Poet Laureate of the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel in 2000, Gloria published her first book of poetry, Prelude A Demonstration of Life (2000) and College Planning and Funding Handbook (1994), acted as Poet-in-Residence in private and public schools (including special education students) teaching character development principles through her personal project, Self-Empowerment Through Poetry. Gloria will be publishing two books of poetry in 2018, including one for children.

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