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Garden Spices Magazine Anniversary Issue: POWER

Last year, Garden Spices embarked upon a mission:


… to explore and celebrate diversity through the lens of people of

various ethnicity, beliefs, genders, physical and mental abilities

in hopes of finding the core of understanding and

realization that we are all part of a universal garden.


A year later, I am writing amidst headlines of two crimes that have recently taken place – one of epic proportions and one that almost went unnoticed.  Both were about race, or were they?

A Pastor and his congregation gathered for a prayer meeting at Emmanuel African Methodist Church, Charleston, South Carolina.  A Caucasian young man, (who has been captured and identified,) sat in a prayer meeting with 13 congregants for an hour, spoke with them, then open fired and killed 9 of them.  His words, “I’m here to shoot Black people.”

In an account of an incident in Florence, Alabama, a 14-year-old Caucasian boy and his father were attacked by a group of African American males.  According to the family, the war cry was, “Get that White!” If not for the mother/wife of the victims, the crime would have gone unreported.  The family insisted that they received little attention for this crime, not because they were white, but because they were poor.  “Where’s the T-shirt for (poor people?)”  asked a family member.

These events, along with so many others regarding race, gender, and faith, confirm why Garden Spices Magazine exists.  Our mission has found Contributors of every hue, gender, diverse faith traditions, and various health conditions to tell their truth and to provide a powerful backdrop for healing.  We wear the “T-shirt” for everyone willing to see, yet understand differences; for those willing to go beyond hate to healing.

We opened our Garden Gate last year on Independence Day.  We celebrated the freedom to write without restriction.  Our Managing Editor, Pratik Mamtora, worked countless hours and, along with me, continues to set the pace for getting this work done.  Our Copy Editor, Alex White, our Consulting Editor, Tammy Rhodes, and all of our Contributors  from every walk of life have donated their time and energy to this gift.  We realize our journey is an ongoing process, but we affirm the POWER of our writers and readers to keep our mission strong.

 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, GARDEN SPICES MAGAZINE!  I am humbly blessed by all who touch your magic.  Gate open!

Vicki Goldston


Special thanks to:  Amy Gamble, Starr PR, LLC , Chandra M. Hooks, Development Consultant, and Huyen Le Designs,

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