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From Spicy...a blog: “Celebrate Good Times, Come On!” Chicago

Mama Mildred Bergeron

I always liked that song by Kool & the Gang, but last week, we must’ve sung that song at least 30 times. I was in Chicago celebrating Mildred Bergeron, the surrogate mother to two of my oldest friends and me. She’s the only mom left among us, but oh, what a mom. She turned 95, and she was the highlight of each venue we chose to place her on the universal stage of celebration. What?!!

We took her to a Stepper’s set, and when we brought her to the dance floor and told the DJ her age, the whole room gasped in amazement. Why? She was on the dance floor doing the Twine with us! Well…we are all in our 70’s, some 80’s, but 95?! When we returned to our seats, people were coming to rub elbows with her in hopes of her vibe rubbing off on them. CONTINUE READING

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