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Updated: May 4, 2023

Igor Dobranic Glamour Dress

Essential Elements-Chicago, (EE), has been an integral part of style in Chicago, but since the introduction of their Facebook page, Essential Element Mavens, their energy has permeated closets worldwide to work its magic.

Owner, Melanie Whaley, waves her wand,as she travels to fashion houses, and, presto, our allusions become a reality - clothes that are mind-blowing. By her own definition, Whaley says that an Essential Maven is "an Essential Element-Chicago fashion diva & connoisseur of fine apparel, shoes, and accessories." Herein is our attraction to her wares found on social media and in her boutique.

Whaley's savvy is no stranger to Garden Spices, so welcome back to the allure of Essential Elements-Chicago Mavens, and all who love style. Gate open - Victorine


Luukaa, Luukaa!!


From the Gershon Bram collection

This cute little black dress is one of my faves from Kozan's Spring collection. Called the Simona Dress, we only have Small, Medium, Large, and 3XL left.


Year-round sweaters from B&K Moda



Jumpsuits and Jaded Gypsy boho wear.


Editorial, please: "Our latest heartthrob - bags and ring by Black NY designer, Gina Riley of Rebel Designs."


Embellish any design with Annemieke Broenink's necklaces


Jeffrey Campbell sandals among unique footwear of every kind, including...




This gathering is festive, with unbelievable prices on unbelievable fashions. Meet some of the designers, and grab a snack.

Masterful mayhem you don't want to miss!


Beyond the dynamic flow of fashion, Essential Elements opens its heart to support causes like Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness. They create events at the store, and write informative and inspirational messages on Facebook, all to the delight of their many customers. Mel and her staff turn every stone in customer satisfaction, which is why people flock to the many sales and community events hosted by Essential Elements.

Mel and staff at EE

There's so much more brewing in the boutique, and the list is at the behest of the chief energy of the EE experience, Melanie Whaley "“We truly believe that all of our customers are phenomenal women with their own sense of style and we’re privileged to share time and space with them.”

Owner, Melanie Whaley

Essential Elements

1640 E. 87th Street

Chicago, IL 60617

Phone: 773.978.1200

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