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Creative Force: Christopher Statham


Christopher Statham had already demonstrated skills in designing, with the likes of President Clinton, Oscar De La Renta, Anna Wintour, and fashion magazines viewing his Parsons senior thesis collection.  He has since worked for Bergdorf  and Oscar De La Renta, and other fashion houses, but says  this comment sparked something within him, “Wow you can sketch!”He began to extend his aspirations in the world of fashion.  “Maybe everyone is right, maybe there is more to being in fashion then just designing. Maybe just maybe I can find a career in illustration,” reflected Statham.  Statham INC. debuted as a way to showcase his many talents in art, design, and fashion illustration.


“When I had the idea to start this site, I had no idea the journey ahead of me. I have been designing in New York for more years than I care to admit. I have worked with iconic people in this industry, and yet I never really felt I was doing enough. I have always been fascinated by the idea that I could be a fashion designer by day, and an illustrator by night.

This site was created to be a GO-TO place for all people that are inspired by art, fashion, and how it influences interior space. I wanted to create a place for all things that inspire and interest me. I hope that the same things inspire and evoke interest in you.” – Christopher Statham






Illustration page this is a place for me to display my favorite pieces. The work is a mix of old and new. This will be the place to watch as my style and inspiration changes with time.




–Christopher Statham

A fashion designer/illustrator, Christopher now displays his talents on an exciting site: STATHAM,

 “I started this site in an effort to get a reaction. I want to have fun with what I do, and I hope the readers, art enthusiasts, and fashion people will have fun with it too.

In short or not so short, I’m just trying to shake things up, propel myself forward, and break through to a place of total balance!”

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