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Confined Love: Sena Tues

Fervid Look” series 1 (102cm X 120cm) on canvas Mixed Media on Canvas / Collage

I was formatting this issue and had what I thought was a random thought; “I need Sena Tues in this issue.” I love his series of images with flowers.

My daughter and I were discussing recent dreams we were having of my late husband, Bob. I recounted that Bob was his dapper self, looking and feeling fine, but was starting a new trend; he wore a necklace with red flowers. Upon soliciting Sena to contribute his images, it hit me like a light…my dream! Bob had a message for Sena, who recently lost his dad. He was letting Sena know his dad was doing fine. As a reluctant psychic dreamer, this experience is not new to me, but it is still amazing, as are the compelling images of Sena Tues. Gate open.- Victorine

Artist Statement

For in the dark! I found love instead of pain!

I started painting flowers early last year, a series I was working on called Self-love. I started thinking on December 14 when I heard about my dad’s death. I was in so much grief and pain, searching for answers for my lost dad. I was still painting during that period, and somewhere on December 20, I felt that I had this vital subject for a series called Confined Love.

We all know how important flowers are in our society. So I started Confined Love to learn more about flowers and men in silence and pain; I began studying moods and emotions.

Usually, men go through so much pain and emotions in silence. I want to speak on behalf of voiceless men who are in so much pain. With my art and I believe all that you said about your husband and flowers, I now realize what my late dad left for me. Flowers – hope.

Men are often the givers of flowers. However, men also like to receive flowers too. Perhaps because they are unexpected… an expression of Love, gratitude, or for any reason. Flowers prove that someone thinks enough of them to make them feel very special.


Deep affection” 102 x 120 cm Mixed medium on canvas Year, 2022 – 2023


My peace ” 102 x 120 cm Mixed medium on canvas 2022 – 2023 When you find a heartbeat that calms the storm in you, hold it close with everything you have!


Painting Title: “Fearless,” Medium: Acrylics, collage on canvas. Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm #amsterdam #london #beirut #saudiarabia #dubai #chilliartprojects


Sena Tues

Kwabena, Sena Alexander was born on September 23, 1978, at Korle Bu, but comes from the Volta region of Ghana and presently resides in the capital city of Accra. His early flair for drawing and playing with colors obviated a talent that initiated his foray into the luminous world of art and saw him further his education at the Image Horizon Art School in 2009, after his Junior High schooling. He proceeded to the prestigious Ghanatta College of Art and Design at Accra Ridge, specializing in painting and drawing. Also known as Sena Tuesday, he is currently a self-employed, full-time studio artist. His foray into the arts has led him into the realms of Neoexpressionism and supremacism, with his studio ‘Mamprobi’ currently located at Nii saka street_Agenda, in Accra, Ghana.

For Direct Purchase, contact @chilliartprojects, #senatues #artlovers

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