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Posted on August 10, 2020

Featured image:  Sapelo Island Beach and Me

A few years ago, I had a session with the renowned Dagara elder, author, and teacher, Malidoma Patrice Some’. He prescribed an island location for the last leg of my well-being ritual.  Immediately, I thought, “I’m Caribbean bound!”   After all, I had resided on the island of St. Maarten for four years and was comfortable with the sanctuary of Caribbean beaches.  However, Spirit had other plans.  My friend, Dr. Deb, had spoken with her friend,  Valjeanne, who suggested Sapelo Island.

The suggestion of Sapelo led me to do a Google search.  I remembered this island!  The threat of locals being taxed out of their land was the story that jolted my memory.  Previously, I had read and was outraged by the possibility of this encroachment.  I remembered families directly descended from slaves inhabited Sapelo, and they were a part of the Gullah culture.  After reading more about this treasure steeped in culture and boasting a pristine beach, I immediately felt excited about completing my spiritual ritual there. Dr. Deb, her mom, Dorothy, (both, my spiritual mentors), and I were to journey to Jacksonville, Florida, pick up Valjeanne, drive to Brunswick, Georgia, and take the ferry to Sapelo Island.  Road trip!  Road trip!!

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