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Artist/Activist Lee Murkey: Rage

During 2020, Lee Murkey was a constant presence at daily protests to take down a monument.  The protests were formed by a  local racial activist group in Florence, AL, Project Say Something, (PSS).    Murkey was called upon to speak at the rallies.  He had this cool, unassuming demeanor, yet his voice was so powerful in syntax, and passion.  Subsequently, Murkey has worked tirelessly towards racial justice, and he is now the Board President of PSS.  Murkey is an “Independent Scholar,” and his activism reaches beyond the podium; Murkey is a creative.

Murkey is a video essayist, writer, poet, illustrator, and soon-to-be, playwright , all attuned to his activism.  The transparency of Black rage is manifested by his two pieces of artwork exhibited at the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art, Odyssey of the Black Spirit.  You can hear his inspiration/interpretation for the two pieces in the video (below) featuring Murkey.


Lee Murkey


Lee Murkey

“Odyssey of the Black Spirit is a new video exhibition on display at the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art from June 1-July 2. This preview features artist Lee Murkey. ” Brandon Harris



Murkey’s recent notoriety does not complicate his activism.  As long as that Confederate monument stands in front of the Lauderdale County Courthouse, you can find him protesting with Project Say Something and using his voice as needed to stand for justice.


Lee Murkey

Board President of Project Say Something, Regional Political Director, Alabama Democratic Party, Independent Scholar, published illustrator, video essayist,

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