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A Plight of Two Souls

To rip… to shred… to shatter

I watch from below into the depth

Aware of the crime I am about to commit

To break my oath for the 10th time

To do no harm… to stand for life

First I wipe the scene clean

The brown paint meant to obscure my guilty prints

I darn those plastics over my hands

The shame, the culprit tries to hide

Where the mind echoes clearly of this impending murder

To kill without a choice I stand guilty as charged

An assassin hired on ransom

The lights are dimmed

My apparent cruel eyes look at the tiny spade

Ready to shovel… ready to crush

A shrill mute cry rings within my ears

Only I can hear… oh… why only I

She trembles… she shivers

Though I cannot see

She wasn’t wanted

That was the problem

Would’ve been fine if she came a year later

“Gosh… I should have skipped this early train

Uncle Gabriel couldn’t you have held me a while longer”

Into her home I plunged my spade

She clung to the curtains

What resilience… Dear God help her

My spade scrapped over the edges… The sides

Ripped off… craahhhh

The white towel mourns the loss of the child in its folds

Her home soon to be open to a black hole

Her food… her cushions… her comfy home

Sucked out to make way for a new shack

Oh… her arms… her feet…

Never to be touched… or caressed

As my giant spoon scoops her up into a bottle

I’m done… my crime never to be punished

I walk away… I play no part in her plight

I wash my hands… Our time’s Pilate

To do the same when the next ransom arrives…

Dr. Sonu Abraham

Cover Photo: ‘Two Souls’ by Eddie Calz on Devianart


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