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Unknown In Its Origins Yet Available To All

When I think about power, images of The Olympics and gold medals come to mind. I think about physical strength and prowess. But that soon fades away when I begin to consider power beyond the gold medal. Power feels more eternal and rather nebulous. We don’t know where it comes from – there is no power gene and yet you and I can tap into it when we need it the most.

I think of the Mother whose child is stricken with terminal cancer and the sheer strength it must take to live on. Or consider the Father who desperately wants to provide for his family but is faced with layoff after layoff. The transgender, the homosexual, the Muslim, the Dark Skinned Black Girl, the Black Girl with Natural Hair, the Boy with Downs Syndrome – all of these individuals are regular people, just like you and I. But somewhere and at some point someone decided that they are different (as if we know what normal is).

These people (we may all have been one of them at some point) must find this eternal and nebulous thing deep within to keep going. It is larger than strength and deeper than fortitude – for those can be short-lived. Sometimes we need something more – a force with endurance and one that leaves effervescent residual footsteps for those who come after us who may have the same struggles. We need power. Power is the grace we give ourselves to be the best we can with what we have been given.

I believe that we are eternal. Eternal beings have no beginning and no end. There was never a time we were “not”. I also believe that we are on planet Earth of our own accord. We chose this life, our parents and our circumstances. You may wonder, as I often have, why would I ever choose this _____ (fill in the blank). But I bet if you tried, you would discover that who you are today is a direct result of who you were yesterday. And it was the power you tapped into that transformed you.

Power is just a spiritual law, it behaves as power – that is all. It is up to us how we will harness it and use it. Some are overcome with bitterness, depression, resentment and fear. They have emPOWERed themselves to be defeated. Others choose to count all opposition as opportunity. They think no only means not now. They don’t take things personally but they personally shift and refuse to engage in negativity. How will you use your POWER?

Ursula Johnson Clark

Ursula J. Clark is a native of Huntsville, AL. She has been in spiritual ministry for 25 years. When Ursula isn’t working in government contracting, she enjoys promoting her Younique Cosmetics business,,  and spending time with her husband, Gregory, and their two dogs, Huff and Chanel.


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