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United We Stand

The word, “strength” is really powerful and respectful in itself. When we hear this word automatically our eyes and body language feel energetic. When we pray (to God), we are not asking for easier life; we ask for strength, to be capable so we can face all our obstacles and problems.

We may have lots to cry about but at times we still choose to smile and take the next step – that is true strength! Strength is not made or branded.   It is not a commodity that can be store bought. Rather, hard work and willingness make strength.

Make your words strong not your voice; flowers are grown by rain not storms. Strength is more powerful than a gun. Why do we fight, worry, get lazy or indulge in bad habits? These are like forks and knives, but we have a tool much more powerful called strength.

One day two flowers were quarreling and arguing. One said people admire my beauty and colors and I am better than you. The other said people are impressed by my smell and shape, and I am better than you. The roots were listing quietly and crying. The branches spread on the land and dried off the plants. Both flowers watched each other’s death. They never believed in the strength hidden below the ground. They saw only adverse results.


Family: sweetest word in the world. It is often associated with  “Father and mother” and “I love you.” Parents stand with us like shadows and protect us during bad times. An old farmer was worrying about his four sons as they fought often. The farmer was getting old. He called them one by one and gave them a stick to break. Everybody did it. The next day the farmer gave his sons a bundle of sticks. Nobody could break it. The sons understood this situation and apologized to their father. They assured him not to worry and live with love and trust. If we are alone you will be weak but together we can be each others’ strength.

The wheel of life stays in motion with strength and love. So, smile to all and give them a message today that you are stronger than you were yesterday. Money isn’t strength as billions are useless when one falls sick and dies. Position isn’t strength as it needs security. Even security isn’t strength because one could be shot by their own guard: Former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi was shot by her security guard. Health is strength. Education is strength. Love and peace are strength.

Finally,  my own experience – I was sick and couldn’t take care of my kids, house, etc. After a few days my kids also fell ill. I have always believed my strength is my family and my kids. They are the apple of my eye. Suddenly, in sickness I got my strength from inside to take care of everything. I forgot all my pain, looked after my kids, the house, and got the job done. I’ts my strength that I can’t see my family weak. I want them to be happy all the time. We are given this life because we are strong enough to live it. To me family, friends, love and happiness is strength.

So my dear strength let’s be together forever.

And dear stress?  Let’s breakup.

My kids are my flowers, my world, my strength. Holding flowers so cute, they don’t know they are my flowers too.

– Rasila Mamtora

Rasila Mamtora loves nature because she believes nature is the only thing that keeps us alive. She feels the energy between all living things. Rasila is an Indian woman born in small beautiful village named Limdi in Gujarat, India. She has lived in a large-joint family who care about each other. She recollects her Grandma treating her and her siblings with natural aroma medicine when they were sick. Rasila’s Grandma was a strong believer of ‘Au Naturel’. She feels she has inherited the trade genetically. Rasila feels God speaks every hour in nature and through its unlimited broadcasting system . “We must be willing to tune in. GOOD LUCK don’t forget to smile,” she says.

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