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Transitional Energy

By Robert V Gerard

As the science and study of mysterious properties of Energy continuously expand, appreciation for the subtle emotional energy within the human body seldom gets the front-page news. Energy exists virtually everywhere and with most things in the form of fuels, solar fuels, light, wind, waves, and electrical flow. But what takes place in connection with our human body deserves some attention.

For example, many people are now familiar with the seven primary human Chakra Energy Field: the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. However, many schools fail to mention the Soul Star, one foot above the head, and Earth Star Chakra, about a foot below the feet. Again, most people do not know that there are five chakras at the tip of each finger, which infers that there are hundreds of chakra points throughout the body, and each has energy flowing through them.

We can surmise that the human body operates with a fantastic electrical field of interactive energies. Therefore, what energy happens within your body, especially the heart area, is interwoven with the energy in your head, feet, hands, etc., including its environment.

The superstar of electrical energy, Nikola Tesla, circa 1880, proved that electrical energy could be transmitted without wires with his invention of the radio which shook the world of science. Nonetheless, what I term Transitional Energy exists at the quantum level, beyond the sub-atomic fields. When I refer to the finer points of Transitional Energy, I consider it the foundation of intellectual energy: the apriority of physical matter. What is unique about Transitional Energy is that it does not subject itself to “cause and effect”; instead, it influences without instruction requiring no specific reaction.

I firmly believe that Transitional Energy carries intellectual data. For example, in 2001, Richard Hughes, a scientist at the US Dept of Energy at the Los Alamos Research Labs in New Mexico, demonstrated that using photons, the basic unit of light energy can send secret messages. His quantum cryptography could be the unbreakable code [Grossman, Lev. “A Secret in Light.” Time 26 November 2001: 50.]

A practical example of Transitional Energy is music. When you stand perfectly still in a quiet space, turn your favorite music on at an enjoyable volume. Without any thought, your body captures the music’s rhythm. Next, your muscles begin to vibrate, and soon, you are in movement. Sexual flirtations offer another example of how things are felt deep inside without any effort on your part. Once your senses capture another person’s energy field, mostly eye contact, some transition generates between you, and a possible exchange propagates.

Returning to our first example, you were not required to accept the sounds of music but could have easily remained still or unintentionally been affected to change. In the second example, the energy field dissipated when you made eye contact with another if it was meaningless to either person.

Transitional Energy could also be construed as the bases of behavior and the absence of cognition. Case in point: if a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight. Or, if a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself. These transactions are devoid of awareness yet generate a behavior. To love serves as an excellent example of Transitional Energy.

Albeit one can debate the Big Bang Theory stating that before that big event, Transitional Energy was proliferating, then suddenly, the Universe materialized. No matter what can be said, it’s all Energy in Motion, measurable yet unseen. When a clairvoyant performs healing, they see the problem in progress. But since detached from it, remain totally objective, yet able to alter the Transitional Energy to induce healing.

In summary, every good or bad experience sends information into your consciousness. How? The wisdom from the experiences helps you learn to live a better life. Again, how? These are moments of Transitional Energy that we know very little about. Somehow, a form of energy transfers life-changing information. Does our neurological system automatically process information? If so, does science know the bio-electric structure of Transitional Energy? Indeed, I want to know how to improve this capacity because I want to expand my consciousness and enable a keener sense of awareness.

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Copyright © 2023 Robert V Gerard


707 words [26 April 2023 ]

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