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Touching Heaven

As I look out the spacecraft window, the sparkle emanating from planet Earth was about two light-years away. It’s been a while since we left, and soon we’ll arrive at our destination: Planet Buru. 

I was one of five social scientists whose mission was to observe the Buruian Civilization. They contacted our scientist three years ago and invited us to participate in their harmonious culture. Everything they communicated to us appeared to parallel what we knew as heaven. But, of course, that’s kind of an idealistic conceptual conjecture.

I wondered how the Buruians actually existed and thrived, based on the plethora of information transcribed for us, if indeed, accurate, realistic, and honest. For me, as much as I wanted to believe, it was categorically fictitious. Compared to all the social and civil hardships encountered on Earth, living in a world as they described was a dream at the most. Nonetheless, I was ready to remain open-minded and enjoy the experience.


As our spacecraft was docking, I noticed that the space station’s environment, as I could see, was colorful, well lit, extremely clean, and organized. After a procedural docking, the doors opened, a holographic hallway appeared right before us. The space station personnel greeted us in an unusual, loving manner, though I noticed how keenly they were observing us, like with some sort of intellectual radar.

As our first interaction progressed, I thought they were humans, but then I noticed that each person or alien was translucent. I could not see through them, but my eyes felt assured of their trust and accepted what they presented. There was no resistance or hesitation on their part, only joy, and acceptance of each of us.

As we walked together, my mind raced with thoughts about how simplistic everything existed. I also noticed that the energy fields around us actually lifted us off the surface. We were essentially floating from one pint to another. Soon, we approached their headquarters: architecturally magnificent.

Within a few minutes, a team of Buruian scientists greeted us. Gawd, they were friendly, intelligent, and receptive. Each of us was handed a crystal glass containing a most delicious flavored drink. I gobbled that down fast. I felt energized immediately. “More, please,” I petitioned.

After some basic introductions and friendly chatter, each of us was taken to our suites overlooking their community, which looks like a scene from Star Trek odyssey. There, we rested comfortably. Not knowing much about their programming, we awoke about ten hours later, judging by Earth’s time. While being escorted to a nutritional center, we witnessed hundreds of Buruians walking around, I mean, floating around, chatting, and smiling. It seemed as if we were in a dream-like state, but we were not. 

Over the next few days, using Earth time, we traveled from one location to another. Our travels were swift, safe, and comfortable. Our guides provided an enormous amount of information about how the populations survive, lives, and enjoys their manifested state of being. For me, that was the essence and purpose of our mission: to observe how they live and what perpetuates the way they live.

Our discussions lead us to understand that each person had a green light to create and contribute to their civilization with the absence of fear, greed, and dishonesty. As their creations manifested into their social environment, each creation would systematically undergo a melding integration process. What they contributed became subject to how the betterment of the whole absorbed and sustained the love that carried the energy of their creation. Each creation systematically constructed itself to benefit all, including the environment. Nothing could be sustained if it did not serve the harmony and beauty that constituted their civilization. 

After ten days of experiential travels and observations, it was no doubt in our minds that this Buruian Civilization was the closest realization of what our Earthly religions attempted to purport. For us, it was clearly an exercise of witnessing what heaven could be on Earth.

Photo by Shelly Still from Pexels

 Copyright© 2020 Robert V Gerard


Dr. Robert Gerard

Robert Gerard

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