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This Issue: Art!

This issue finds us celebrating the impetus of a creative universe – Art. It reveals itself through us in every way, and Garden Spices Contributors share their Art and artistic experiences with us.  Our Blossom image/feature this issue is Contributor, Pratik Mamtora, dressed as Al-Amir Sihab, a Syrian man who was on the ship for the historical Titanic voyage.  Pratik has been gracing our pages in many past issues as Managing Editor.  He acts, writes, dances, and plans events with flair.  Indeed, he’s an artist.

Painters, Cecil Bernard, Charlene Carter, Kerrigan Casey, Curtis “Kojo” Morrow, PJ Stewart, and Alex Wilhite, reprise their roles as Guest Contributors in Garden Spices.  We are also introduced to the contributions of the artist, Francisco Bravo Cabera, from Spain and Tennessee artist, Leslie Vance.  We have photography by Bernard Basley and the discovery of the love of photography from Deborah Gray-Young.  We are given the perspective of love and connection through art appreciation through poetry, essays, and prose, by all of our Contributors, and we relish the style of our Guest Contributors, an Interview with Fashion Model Vinay Sindya,  Melanie Whaley’s Essential Elements and the Afro Opulence of Raub Welch.

Guest Contributor, Kathy Frederick,  gives us a picture of what it’s like to be a female veteran.  Little to do with art, except we begin to understand that we ourselves are living art in expression.

Gate open,

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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