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This Issue: Action!

March is Women History Month! When we join forces we get it done! Artist: Rosemary Summers Title: MommaSisterAuntie Friends!


Loved Ones,

Yes, it's the month of the Mother, and our topic fits the bill for what the Mother is about - action! As the featured image by Rosemary Summers captions, "When we join forces, we get it done!" As women, we understand how to roll with strength, courage, and compassion and listen to our intuition. And, yes, these characteristics can be experienced by men as well. Hopefully, we recognize the Mother in all of our souls.

The contributors of Garden Spices celebrate the myriad ways we express action. Whether through art, travel, gardening, advocacy, cooking, or sharing unique perspectives, we create a rich tapestry that showcases our diverse actions and viewpoints.

We invite you to enter our pages and discover the dust sprinkled by our contributors. Garden Spices emulates what is happening in the world: transformation.

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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