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The Powerful Choice

A choice is an undeniable power that each individual possesses to bring about change and opportunity. Every day we make choices that directly impact our lives and our surrounding environments.

Photo credit: Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

Photo credit: Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

As an artist, I understand how difficult choices can be. Furthermore, as a musician, I understand just how important those choices are. It’s been sixteen (16) months since I’ve made the choice to do battle with a serious case of stage fright. Every time I hit the stage my mind would always flood with insecurities and murmuring nonsense. My body would practically sweat bullets and I found it nearly impossible to be completely focused on stage. No matter how many hours I spent alone in the practice rooms, fear always made it on stage. By the end of my junior year in college I realized just how detrimental this fear would be if I could not conquer it before graduation. But what to do?

After considering a suggestion from a close friend, I found myself outside in the middle of downtown nearly every day practicing. Honestly, it was one of the most frightening things I’d ever done. No matter the time of day, someone was always listening. Due to this exposure, during my practice sessions I was in constant performance mode. Initially, all of the fear and doubt would rise as soon as I would start practice. However, after a few weeks my focus began to clear and within a few months I was able to completely drown out every outside force, concentrating my focus on technique and musicality. Now, I play freely with ease and fear free. My choice to overcome stage fright may not have been easy, but the consequences have brought about great change in me as an artist. And, this change has opened doors of opportunity to perform as well as teach.

Jeremiah after concert

Jeremiah after concert

Choice is a most powerful weapon against the impossible. It is a gift of change and opportunity. Remember, whether it’s choosing to order takeout over delivery or to try out for the varsity football team this summer, ultimately choice dictates how our lives will play out.


– Jeremiah Welch

“I aspire to be well rounded in the art of life, where music sharpens the mind and dance conditions the body.”

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