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The Positive Power of You: Vibrational Rest

Where are you going? Hey, hey, what’s your hurry? How often do you hear and feel these sentiments? We rush around during our daily adventures and routines because we must accomplish so much. It seems we have been put into overdrive every day to ensure all our tasks are done, plus some. Too often, we feel we must be front and center in everything that is going on. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we stress ourselves to the point of exhaustion? When and how do we need to rest? And how does vibrational rest play into this equation? Woooooo, you knew I was going there now, didn’t you?

We can and should find ways to rest our physical bodies. Too many of us know the physical consequences of exhaustion, as many have suffered sickness and injury. Physical rest can come in many forms, such as sleep, naps, quietness, stillness, a timeout, and anything that allows your body to relax and rest. We should also rest our minds as too many of us are overloaded with thoughts for a good bit of time. We are constantly trying to figure out, contemplate, plan, plot, and take action. When was the last time you stopped and didn’t think about anything for even a few minutes? You probably can’t think of the last time. Hmmm? Sound familiar? I thought so. Pun intended.

Knowing how to rest your body and mind is essential to your daily well-being. When you rest your physical body, you are giving yourself a reset, and that helps your body be more efficient and productive with ease. When you give your mind rest, you are giving yourself a reset, allowing your mind to work clearly and more efficiently with ease. Do It!

Take a nap, read a book, take a walk, drive, listen to music, dance, sing with the radio or streaming service, watch a movie, or sit down. Now I want to talk about vibrational rest. What in the world am I talking about? That’s okay; I got you. Here’s what I’m talking about.

“Every breath we take, every move we make; “wait a minute, that’s a song, haha, it’s still relevant. Everything we do every moment of every day and night is an extension of our thoughts and emotions in the vibrational field. Our thoughts are electrical vibrations, and our emotions are magnetic vibrations. So going back to the daily grind of rushing, pushing, trying, and being anxious to make everything work out, know that you are asking for more stress to come into your experience. When you stay focused on stress and anxiety, you will align and connect with more experiences at those vibrations.

Now, of course, you may need to rush to get to an appointment or catch your flight, which happens from time to time. Knowing how you are feeling can help you rest vibrationally so that you move about your day-to-day routines with ease and flow. How so? Glad you asked.

  1. When you feel anxious, stop and notice it, then rest that anxiety and flow in the knowledge that you got this. Your vibration will rise to a more peaceful flow, and that experience will follow.

  2. When you feel angry, stop and notice it, then rest that anger and flow in the knowledge that it’s okay to feel angry and that you will move past it. Your vibration will rise to a more peaceful flow, and that experience will follow.

  3. When you are stressed, stop and notice it, then rest that stress and flow in the knowledge that everything will work out for you. Your vibration will rise to a more peaceful flow, and that experience will follow. Unfortunately, we tend to keep our vibrational fields all wadded up with stress, tension, and anxiety which brings on more of those kinds of experiences.

  4. When you understand that you can make your experiences happen on purpose, you will begin to understand how to rest your physical body, mind, and vibrational field. What will follow will be a steady flow of ease and alignment with the experiences you choose on purpose.

You are an amazing vibrational being with the divine power of the universe flowing within your human experience. You are nothing short of fabulous, and your experience on this journey is up to you and you alone. You Are A Badass Vibrational Being! Your Life is Your Flow, and It is Always Your Choice!


You can get more information on any of my social pages FB, IN, TT @thepositivepowerofyou, and my website

M. LaRae M.Sc. Metaphysician and Reiki Master

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