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The Art of Pepe Villegas

“Art is a perceptible proof of an inner collaboration” and I testify it through this extraordinary gift that fills my being with inspiration and spreads like a sweet virus as I give it away with enthusiasm.

– Pepe Villegas


“I Choose to see Only with Eyes of Love”

Inner Beauty – Ubud, Bali

Inner Beauty photo - Pepe Villegas  copy


The Good Life is Free

 Art Takes Times Square

the Good life is free copy


“If I can Imagine it, it can be done, without entertaining limiting thoughts or skepticism from my own mind or others’ points of view”

Published by Visual Therapy




Queens, NY



The gift

Marbletown, NY

IMG_3740 copy


Remember who you are

New York, NY

Remember - Pepe Villegas copy 2


– Pepe Villegas


Pepe Villegas’ work has been featured in leading publications such as The New Yorker, Artforum, NY Arts, Time Out New York,, Zink Magazine and London’s The Artist Magazine, amongst many others.

Pepe is the founder of ARTKTR, a wearable art collaborative and experimental platform based in Miami.


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