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Telling Stories: Artist, Jonathan Kwegiry Aggrey

His post of the featured image, Boat Park ii, 56 x 76 cm, Watercolor, made me gasp.  Immediately, I was within the movement of the water and the captivating boats navigating their way home, from fishing, from the city, from wherever.  So compelling his work, I asked him to exhibit in Garden Spices.  Welcome, Jonathan Kwegiry AggreyVictorine


Artist Statement

My work demonstrates my in-depth understanding of painting, largely in watercolor. Watercolor is the best medium for expressing my deepest feeling about how and what I think and feel about portraying the beauties of nature. My themes vary depending on how challenging and inspiring the subject appeals to my creativity. I love to paint subjects that attract me and finding a subject is not difficult – the subject seems to find me. Observing, walking, sketching, taking photos- -all these offer creative opportunities.

I vary my application of the medium depending on the subject at hand. This could either be loose washes or very fuzzy with a lot of details or a combination of lost and found edges as in soft and hard edges. I allow my creativity to flow throughout the working process without restricting myself to any reference materials either from life, a photo or my imagination.

I always try to establish a connection between my works and my viewers to enable them to tell their own stories from my works. I love to paint people and places to show my varied audience the other side of the world I live in.


Fisherman, 70 x 70cm


Rays of Life, 56 x 76 cm




Gone with the Rain 56 x 76cm Watercolor #joka84


Aggrey 2


Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey.

JONATHAN KWEGYIR AGGREY •P.O. Box MB 122, Ministries, Accra. Ghana •Cellular: +233 501207868/+233 (0) 24 51 48 033

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