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Sweetwater Bakery


Sweetwater Bakery on 1410 Huntsville Rd., Florence, AL. (256)712-2300

Shows you how long it has been since I have combed the streets of my small town, Florence, in Alabama.  Sweetwater Bakery has been open since January 2022, and I entered its doors for the first time in August.  Huntsville Road has changed!  The chic facade on building fronts indicates coolness, and I’m all in.  While the outside of Sweetwater Bakery is cool, the warm energy is overflowing on the inside.  Owner Laura Senecal sees to it, welcoming “friends and neighbors”. 

She has created a spot for gathering to partake of her bakery goodness, including not only sweets but savory dishes like her quiche and salads.  Check out the Menu and the Sweetwater Bakery website .


Comfort inside



Just yum!!!!!

Daily menus

Laura Senecal, Owner, Operator


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