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Sweet and Savory Soul, LLC

Five years ago Amber Wess was keeping her God-child and cooked seafood for her family dinner.  Bellies full, mouths began to wag about the delicious meal and to request that sWess start selling plates. Wess then developed a daily menu including meat, fish, seafood, and sides. Licensed and certified, she began to cook from home and Sweet and Savory Soul, LLC was born.  Thank goodness!

We got to taste that goodness at a Project Say Something event, where a beautiful brunch was sold, and I thought Garden Spices has to spread the news about this food.  So, gate open, Sweet and Savory, LLC.  Welcome to the family. – Victorine


Originally from Muscle Shoals, AL, Wess lives in the Shoals raising her two boys, ages 12 and 7, and readying for a newborn.  Cooking from home gives her the flexibility to do what she loves – cook and take care of her family.  Although Wess does all the cooking, she enlists the aid of her family for catering affairs.  (We got to meet her brother, LaVonta Wess).  Her presentation is beautiful and the service is great.

Brunch! Chicken and waffles, yes!


You can find menus and contact information on Facebook.  Wess will cook to order within time limits.  Wess keeps her eye on expansion in the future, maybe a restaurant or food truck.  Whatever she chooses, Wess will continue to put out incredible food.

Plates ready

Amber Wess

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