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She Could So She Did

This could just as easily say “She believed she couldn’t, so she didn’t.” The only constant is her belief. There are times when we accomplish something because we are forced to do so by circumstance – a parent or child becomes ill, our boss makes us do a complicated project, we are called upon to speak in front of a large crowd on the spot, etc. And somehow, we muster the strength, we call upon our intellect and we summon the courage to get it done. But what happens when we get to choose our own future? When we discover that we are the masters of our own destiny? What happens to our courage then? Our strength? Our intellect? Can we believe in ourselves without the prompting of circumstance? Isn’t it enough to just say “I want it. I’m worthy. I’m able.The Universe is conspiring to bring it to me. I can. I will.”?

I’m in Direct Sales and Convention is a big deal. You receive insight and training that you otherwise would not, which could propel your business. I had to get there. But there were obstacles. I work a full time job and vacations were banned during the week of convention, which was to be held the first week in August. I also needed more money. None of those things mattered to me. I was going. Come hell or high water, I was going. I knew that my only responsibility was to BELIEVE that I would get there. The rest was up to the Universe. ** She believed she could** I believed I was going to get to Convention in August. I believed I would have the resources to go and to help manage expenses once I returned home.

I purchased my ticket in January (these aren’t cheap and are non-refundable). I made room accommodations in March. Nothing in my circumstances had changed by this point; but I still BELIEVED. In May, I sent my measurements and payment overseas for my custom-made gown. In June, SIX MONTHS LATER, I received a job offer from another company. I had been recruited. There was a significant increase in pay. **So She Did**

I accepted, with a stipulation of course. I would need a week of vacation during the first week of August. They agreed. I’m not special. I just made a choice. The same choice we all have – to BELIEVE. Unwavering belief includes action. That’s why I made all of my plans because I BELIEVED that there was nothing that was going to keep me from my goal. NOTHING. You also have access to this power. You have the power to shift the very trajectory of your life. Will you?

Ursula Johnson Clark

Ursula J. Clark is a native of Huntsville, AL. She has been in spiritual ministry for 25 years. When Ursula isn’t working in government contracting, she enjoys promoting her Younique Cosmetics business,,  and spending time with her husband, Gregory, and their two dogs, Huff and Chanel.

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