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Seize the Moment!

Seize the Moment! Like sand through an hourglass… Time heals all wounds… In time it will reveal… Relationships take time… Time waits for no one… Love takes time… Aging like a fine wine… I’m reclaiming my time…

Any of these sayings sound familiar? You probably sang two of them, because I did, LOL. I bring these out to you because we hear them all the time. When people have nothing that can help you or any other way to motivate you, we always come with these clever sayings. Well, miss me with the clever sayings. They sound good and are often cliché at best, but truth be told time is a fickle beast that we all grapple with. We all complain about not having enough hours in the day to get things done, we live by calendars, clocks, schedules…we even sync our devices to keep us on track. And you can chuckle here, we sync all devices and have whiteboards in my house because of time…is a thing.

Our lives are filled with hundreds, if not thousands of tiny moments that we miss out on. It shouldn’t take anything bad to happen to us for those moments to be special and treasured. Take a second and think over who you are now. Think about what it took to become this version of you and what it will take to continue to become a better version of you. But we can’t be the best version of ourselves without capitalizing off those tiny gaps in our day or week that allow us to reset and regroup.

We need those moments to allow us to grow, change and personify who we desire to be. We need those moments to show our husbands and wives what love and family look like. We need those moments to mourn and be vulnerable without being ‘okay’ all the time. We need those moments to cry, yes, I said cry and y’all know I have a problem with people crying, LOL. We need those moments to create memories that can always put a smile on our faces. We need these moments! And while I could go on and on with the sayings about time, we all have a set time to be on this earth. Yes, we all have the same number of hours, minutes and seconds in a day but it’s how you use them that’s key. You can sit on your ass and let time pass you by or you can Seize the Moment and take some action.

Take that moment to pray over your family and friends. EAT THE CAKE ANNA MAE! LOL! Go on that trip! Ask that dude or woman out! Spend time with your family because when you’re gone that job’s not going to give not one damn and will replace you. BOOK THAT TRIP!! Y’all know I’m always on the highways and catching flights, LMBO! Love hard, love often…note your lessons learned and make them your testimony. Let go of past hurts, struggles and forgive even if you don’t forget. Live your life, enjoy your time because as one of my moms, Marie Turner would say, “Tomorrow ain’t promised to everybody.” Seize the moments that come along be it big or small…celebrate and enjoy…just don’t let not one day go by where you don’t SEIZE THE MOMENT!


-Collette Jones

is a retired veteran, mother, young pretty grandma, (“Ask my husband!”), wife, and friend who manages the voices in her head by staying busy, upbeat, and “prayed up.” Follow her writing on ‘Voices from the Bleachers’ on Facebook.

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