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Second Issue: “Find Your Passion!”

There is a fire burning in the universe that will not die. It may appear as advocacy, curdling to a boiling point, or it may keep us warm in our compassion.  It may express itself as a ministry or a hobby, or we may feel it in newly defined relationships that make us simmer, glow or understand. Like the fruit that bears its name, it can be sweet, tangy, mouth-watering, and easy to swallow. It reveals itself as the topic of this issue of Garden Spices – PASSION. Just the sound of the word, makes us feel some kind of way.

By way of the Garden, passion starts with loving intentions, but it may stumble through some gangster weeds. Check out the Contributor’s Page to see our growing GS Editorial Staff, Columnists, and Contributors. They guide us along our path.

Enter through the Garden Gate. Our path is easily navigated via our Contents page.  Wherever it treads, passion takes us through the hearts and souls of our Contributors, and always, all ways lead back to the intentions of how the gate opened – embracing diversity.

My passion? You are reading it!

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, (aka) Victorine

Founder, Editor in Chief


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