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Sarin’s Thai: Yum Zaap Gai


2 Chicken fried thighs chopped

1 Red onion chopped

1 Tomato chopped

2 tbsp Coriander leaves,chopped

3 tbsp Lime juice

2 tbsp Fish sauce

1 tbsp Sugar

2tsps Chili powder

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Add sugar, fish sauce, lime juice, chili powder,a and and coriander leaves in cup mix well.

  2. Add onion, tomato, and chicken fry and mix well.

Credit:  English recipe: cookpad



There are two things that characterize Sarin — her laughter and her food.  Sarin is passionate about food, especially Thai food, and she cooks and teaches cooking traditional Thai with her own twist. Sarin also loves being a wife and mother.

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