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Ronnie Phillips, Artist

I took a picture of my favorite photograph.  My image is reflected in this photograph on my wall – this photo that touches my soul every day.  My Dad owned a shoe repair shop.  When the front glass cracked, it symbolized my dad letting go of his life on this realm.  My Mom and Brother had to clear his shop, and the image of this photograph illustrates the bravery of my Mother and the strength of her son/my Brother, as he supports her.  As the glass and signs reflect the death of Dad’s life, the color on my Mom gives testimony to life. Our gift from friend and artist, Ronnie Phillips.


All Shoes Must Be Picked Up

All Shoes Must Be Picked Up

Ronnie Phillips captures life in every medium he touches, and he has been impressing the art world as a photographer, educator and artist throughout his career.

His artwork is “insightful” and features “cultures from America’s rural heartlands to the villages and cities of West Africa and Brazil.” Phillips has won over 100 awards and 10 “Best of Show” awards in the festivals he travels around the country.  At a Kansas City festival, Phillips’ “work caught the eye of recording artist, Sheryl Crowe.  She took home two pieces.”  His work now “graces the homes” of numerous stars, such as Halle Berry and Cecily Tyson, and Dionne Warwick.


I Choose Life

I Choose Life

Phillips began as a freelance photographer and had over 100 photographs published in magazines, such as TV Guide, Essence, and Ebony Magazines.  He began with “an array of warmly colored photographs of children in period clothing.  He juxtaposed the graffiti of gang-infested LA against the beauty of youth aspiring to dream” and escape the blight of their reality.  The above photograph of the young black girl in ballerina tights against the graffiti wall, “I Choose Life,” is one of Phillips’ most popular works. Retrieved from Ronnie Phillips, Artist


“My goal is that the viewers will be drawn to reflect on their life experiences

and ideologies,” Phillips says.  “I aspire to assist others to deepen

their process of self-refection through my work”





Treasure, limited edition


Bamboo Tree


Broken Chain

flag roots

Flag Roots

Tree of Life

Tree of Life


– Ronnie Phillips

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Ronnie Phillips “served as an artist, educator, and a photographer” in Los Angeles and Hollywood. During his career, Phillips was the photographer for the Olympic Committee, and has photographed celebrities, such as Tony Bennett and Red Foxx.  He has featured his children in much of his work.  Phillips  became “a full time artist in 1991.” He now resides in Atlanta, GA, and participates in at least 20 shows annually. His work can be purchased on his website:


Cover Photo titled  ‘I found out Life is hard but it ain’t Impossible

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