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Roll of Gold for a Rainy Day

The Box sat on the corner of his big desk in his office as Practice Manager of a large ten physician practice.  The doctors and he had had a good laugh over the name given the fund.  Bob made sure the doctors knew it was in no way a reflection of his relationship with them but a reminder to himself and them that – if, or when, either of the parties decided it was time to end their partnership, he would be ok.

That was his power.  He could tell them or they could tell him, to “Take This Job and Shove It,” based on a song written by David Coe in 1977 and made famous by country singer, Johnny Paycheck, and the wording on top of his Box. Bob never needed to use his fund but just the knowing it was there if he needed it was his power!

It could be the “Get Out of Dodge” fund, a phrase made famous by the famous sheriff, Matt Dillon from the TV show, Gunsmoke,  your six month emergency fund as suggested by Dave Ramsey or the “Take This Job and Shove It” fund, that gives you power.  It says one can live comfortably while either looking for another job or getting on with the dream that’s been put off.  It may require changes in lifestyle but having that fund is power.

Too many times we think, “One of these days, I’ll get around to it,” not realizing how fast that day can come, or how unexpectedly.  Whatever the situation it can leave a strong feeling of powerlessness!

“How” you ask, “am I supposed to save for an emergency fund when I’m barely getting by now?”

I’ve had trouble being a saver as well.  My own Mother told someone if I had fifty-cents, it would burn a hole in my pocket until I could spend it.  At the time, she was right!  It took a financial disaster in my own life to convince me I needed to get myself turned around.

First, immediately stop beating yourself up for not having done better at saving before.  Dig into the early memories of how money was handled in the situation you grew up in or married into.  Those memories can be a key to why you handle money the way you do now.

Second, read books, written by professionals, who have dealt with their own money issues.  Most writers, if they tell the truth and weren’t born rich, have had to deal with money problems in their past.

Dave Ramsey had to file bankruptcy due a major dip in the real estate market when he was a young man. He had major money invested in properties that were suddenly worth much less than what he owed for them. He eventually recovered financially but had to learn his own lesson the hard way.

Suzie Orman, currently a writer and TV celebrity, was at one time a professional in the Wall Street market. She found herself in major debt and little or nothing in savings.  That was her wakeup call.

One of my favorite books, The Richest Man in Babylon, was written in 1926 by George S. Clason. The book has been re-issued numerous times since then and I found my 1955 paperback in a thrift store.  It tells the story of one of the richest civilizations in the history of mankind and their secret to that success.  It has been restored and revised and is currently available through Amazon.  A great read!

There are plenty of magazines offering financial advice, everything from clipping coupons to yard sales.  Those are great ideas and they do put money in your pocket immediately.  What really works is a shift in our own thinking.  Then we have the power to change and start saving.  It took a painful memory dig and a shift in thinking for me to make my changes.

You have to find the right one that fits your lifestyle and budget.  There is no one size fits all.  When you find the right one for you and begin to use it, then you will have found the power!

– Barbara Tubbs Hill / / (256) 710-9713

Writer, counselor, perennial student and seeker of truth and spirit is an apt description for Barbara. Currently, Barbara is working on her first novel with two more planned for the future. Her first book, “Let’s Talk, What You Don’t Know About Credit Can Hurt You,” was written after fifteen years in a career than spanned collections, credit and mortgage lending. Barbara is glad to have been a part of getting the Indian Mound in Florence listed on the Alabama State Historical Register and soon the National Historical Registry. She lives in Florence AL with her husband Johnnie and two precious rescue dogs; Snookies and Daisy.

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