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Release: A Process


“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

Releasing is a process of realization that we carry self-imposed as well as systemic weights which detain our growth. Life circumstances and situations paint a picture replete with emotions as messengers informing us it is time for change. Change, sometimes not an easy step to take, requires courage to accept and determination to change what we can. The following poem describes an experience of observing an aspect of life as if it is a picture and identifying what no longer works, what feels uncomfortable, and then drawing on faith as courage to detach from the weight(s).

Clutter: It’s Time to Grow

©Gloria J. Lawson

I take a look at my life

I see what’s there that I do not like

I search my mind to know

the greatest vision to inspire my growth

The lesser in my life is that

which I have consumed

it takes up time and space

and jeopardizes my universal faith

I’ve nurtured it

I’ve entertained it

so much so it’s pulp

It’s time for me

to release it

and set free my soul

that I may live closer daily

to that which inspires my growth

I give up the clutter

for it needs new energy too

it has become the lesser

though once it gave me much value

I let it go

I kick it out

it creates the pain to propel my flight

For I have a greater vision

that brings acceleration to my living

the clutter once of value has served its purpose well

And now it’s time, it’s simply time to ascend

another level another rung on my ladder

I lighten my load

I feel the surge of faith

lifts me up

I sacrifice the clutter once of value to my life

for I have a greater vision

it’s time for me to grow



The lyrics to a song written and performed by Rickie Byars, the Music & Arts Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, express recognition of a significant factor. It often seems to be outside our immediate purview that we are not ever alone, that there are forces working on our behalf.

I Release

(c) Rickie Byars and Michael Beckwith, Eternal Dance Music BMI

There was a time in my life

Thought I had to do it all for myself

Didn’t know the grace of God was sufficient

Didn’t know the love of God was at hand

But now I can say if you are discouraged

Struggling just to make it through another day

You’ve got to let it go, let it all go…

And this is what you have to say:

I release and I let go

I let the Spirit run my life

And my heart is open wide

Yes I’m only here for God

No more struggle, no more strife

With my faith I see the light

I am free in the Spirit

Yes I’m only here for God


-Gloria Lawson Sylvester

“I am my ancestors and a Sacred African Woman Elder appreciating my value and service to the global community. The expression of my worth comes through the arts of poetry, visual art, music, and professional speaking.”

Profile: An author, poet, professional speaker, workshop presenter, and appointed Poet Laureate of the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel in 2000, Gloria published her first book of poetry, Prelude A Demonstration of Life (2000) and College Planning and Funding Handbook (1994), acted as Poet-in-Residence in private and public schools (including special education students) teaching character development principles through her personal project, Self-Empowerment Through Poetry. Gloria will be publishing two books of poetry in 2018, including one for children.

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