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Reflection on my Journey Within

There are not as many questions as I had before. I have accepted some things for what they are. Who, why me, and how are unimportant. They stimulated worry and doubt. They took up time I could have invested in unfolding gifts and talents that I knew nothing about. At times, I felt free but it would come and go. One part of me wanted to live off the grid and another part wanted to enjoy the luxuries. My mind was unsettled and causing discomfort. In my search for balance, I found a simple step. My method was letting go. My personhood had a strong will and needed to get the hell out of dodge.

Looking back, there was a strong sense of responsibility for me to make something great of my life. I pushed, pushed, and almost worried myself insane. I learned the art of manifestation and begged God through prayer for a change. In the process, I learned and observed there was no need for me to make anything great out of my life. My life was already great and filled with purpose way beyond my personhood. I became aware that my personhood needed status and titles to feed my family but I did not. My personhood was not my enemy but was there to help me fulfill my earthly purpose.

My roots now run deeper. I no longer feel the need to manifest anything; I enjoy how things organically unfold. I arrived at this conclusion by releasing my fear to trust and explore how accurate my intuition was. When I received something intuitive, I acted and spoke on it. In the beginning, acknowledging something I could not see was strange. Through my observation, it was obvious and clear that not everything seen with my eyes told a complete story. The things unseen were way beyond my understanding. My experience caused me to trust. Now, my prayers are few.

As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful for the courage to go within and learn about self. It has not always been a great ride, but every moment has built love, trust, strength, and balance.


-LaQuanda Simpson

LaQuanda is a vibrant spirit moving to the rhythms of life. She was born in Selma Alabama! She believes freedom was given to her as a birth right! LaQuanda has traveled around the sun 31 times! She has invested 10 years in growing one seed. His name is Kwami Malik Ingram! Her grandparents would say LaQuanda is a good gardener because she listens! Gardening relaxes her mind and purifies her soul, drumming and dancing too! LaQuanda is a recent graduate of Geography Information Science at the University of North Alabama in Florence Alabama! She is an explorer and she loves adventure! Among friends she is better known as Que!

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